Manufacturers want flexible packaging solutions that are cost-efficient and give them the ability to meet anticipated and sudden supply needs. As the demand for innovative and efficient packaging solutions intensifies in a growing market, manufacturers and distributors face both challenges and opportunities in adapting to rapidly changing consumer and environmental needs.

However, the long lead times and inflexible production schedules of traditional plastic packaging have been a thorn in the side of manufacturing companies for a long time. So, how can you make sure you get the right packaging solution for your operations?

Corrugated packaging products are an agile, highly customizable solution for manufacturers and distributors. When you use corrugated packaging in your warehouse operations, you gain more control over supply chain dynamics through increased material control and easy traceability.

Using corrugated packaging in your supply chain can increase your speed to market, total material control, and provide customized fulfillment solutions. Let’s dive into the three advantages of using corrugated packaging.

1. Speed to Market and Production Flexibility of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging supports efficient inventory control and management due to its durability and ability to protect food, beverages, and consumer packaged goods. It’s a cost-effective solution, helping to reduce inventory disposal costs.

Fact: QR codes can easily be incorporated into customized designs for traceability. As corrugated packages move from manufacturer to storefront, they’re lightweight and easy to handle and can be highly customized for brand visibility.

What sets corrugated packaging products apart is production efficiency. Thanks to the streamlined manufacturing process – often involving recycled paper – these packaging solutions can be produced rapidly to meet demand. At York Container, our access to an in-house corrugator streamlines this process further, ensuring that we can swiftly adjust to market demands without compromising on quality or facing significant delays.

This ability to quickly adapt production schedules translates into more efficient inventory management and shorter lead times for our customers. By leveraging our in-house corrugation capabilities, we eliminate many of the logistical hurdles associated with packaging production, such as extended transportation times and the associated costs.

2. Total Control of Material

Corrugated packaging offers unparalleled control over materials, allowing for precise management of what is used, its quantity, and the overall production volume. This control is critical in aligning with demand-based production strategies.

Demand-Based Production

York Container's advanced production capabilities allow us to seamlessly align with your ever-changing needs. Our approach offers unmatched flexibility and responsiveness. This enables us to produce corrugated boxes that meet specific requirements in terms of size, shape, and fluting options, ensuring our solutions are as unique as the products they protect.

At the heart of our operation is our in-house corrugator. This technology allows for real-time adjustments in production volumes, ensuring that your needs are met without delay.

The benefit for our customers is that they experience minimal material delays and are insulated from supply chain disruptions. By managing production in-house, we can adapt quickly, avoiding unnecessary costs and ensuring a steady supply of packaging materials. This level of control and efficiency is what sets York Container apart, making us your reliable partner in a fast-paced market.

Fast, Efficient Packaging Solutions

Our expertise in material sourcing and production processes grants us significantly shorter lead times, making our corrugated packaging products a more efficient choice compared to alternatives like plastic. The availability and scalability of corrugated material production, coupled with our streamlined in-house processes, facilitate rapid fulfillment of orders, directly at the point of product manufacturing.

Corrugated materials are designed for simplicity and standardization, easing inventory management and expediting production. This efficiency is why corrugated solutions are favored by businesses looking for quick turnaround times and reduced manufacturing and shipping costs.

Sustainable Alternatives

Many manufacturers are drawn to corrugated solutions because they are one of the most sustainable packaging solutions and reduce costs associated with waste. Primarily made from trees and recycled materials, which are considered a renewable resource with good forest management practices, the source of corrugated packaging products can be replenished.

3. Comprehensive Fulfillment Solutions

Manufacturers and distributors face fulfillment-related challenges like inefficiencies in space utilization, inventory management complexities, and the need for enhanced product visibility from manufacturers to retailers. Leveraging York Container Company's expertise in corrugated packaging, you can access a suite of customized fulfillment solutions tailored to overcome your unique challenges. These fulfillment solutions include:

  • Countertop and floor displays

  • Pallet skirts

  • Promotional materials

  • Graphic packaging

  • And more!

Our fulfillment solutions are tailored for scale and speed, with customizable designs that suit any volume need, ensuring swift delivery. By automating production, York Container Company enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and minimizes lead times, enabling your products to reach the market faster and more reliably.

Now You Can Integrate Corrugated Materials Into Your Supply Chain

Corrugated packaging directly addresses the pressing needs of today’s supply chains, providing solutions to common pain points such as long lead times and the inflexibility of traditional packaging.

By using corrugated material solutions, your organization is aligning with growing consumer preference for efficiency and sustainability. You’re also prepared to quickly respond to supply chain disruptions and adjust to changes for better inventory management.

Choosing York’s solutions equips businesses with the agility and reliability crucial for thriving in a competitive marketplace. Our advanced production capabilities, including an in-house corrugator, ensure that your packaging aligns perfectly with demand, facilitating rapid adjustments and minimizing disruptions.

York Container Company is ready to partner with you, offering corrugated packaging that transforms challenges into opportunities. Discover the difference today and take a step towards a streamlined and responsive supply chain.