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The York Strategic Packaging Optimization Team takes pride in our ability to bring exceptional value with our comprehensive packaging solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of a diverse range of industries.

From streamlining production processes to optimizing packaging lines, our seasoned team consistently delivers innovative solutions that drive efficiency and elevate overall performance.

SPOT Process

Our site assessment process begins with a thorough understanding of our customer's goals and operational challenges. We focus on key areas such as production efficiency, material handling, and logistics optimization.

Through collaborative engagement with a dedicated team, we analyze packaging strategies, equipment efficiency, and safety protocols.

This collaborative approach ensures we provide tailored solutions while maintaining confidentiality and safeguarding competitive advantages.

Production Efficiency
Material Handling
Logistics Optimization

Following an onsite assessment lasting 1-2 days, we conduct offsite follow-up over 4-6 weeks to compile data, assess ROI, and present findings. Get in touch to learn more about how our tailored site assessment services can drive efficiency and growth for your business.

Common Areas of Opportunity

Our team will obtain a comprehensive understanding of your current packaging usage and handling, including:

Structural integrity
Product weight/case
Storage time and conditions
Palletization details
Head space in container
Shipping information
Automation needs

To take the next step, initiate discussions with our sales team, leading to a customized site visit and in-depth analysis tailored to your unique needs.

Partner with us for a journey toward packaging excellence and unlock the full potential of your operations, regardless of your industry.

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