As a manufacturer or retailer, you understand the importance of getting packaging right. Packaging extends well beyond simply protecting the product as it’s transported and stored. Some may even consider packaging to be one of a brand’s most important ambassadors. In addition to brand marketing efforts, it’s the packaging that can help sell products as well.

The quality of the packaging, its design, print and shape all make an impression on consumers, even if they aren’t consciously aware of it. Commentary in a study on creativity and packaging design highlights this:

“Brands have on average seven seconds to make a favorable impression before the customer moves on to the next option.”

Additionally, customers are becoming more aware of the importance of choosing products that use sustainable packaging. This is another important factor to take into consideration. So what materials are the most common in packaging? This is where corrugated packaging comes into play.

Successful packaging is a combination of these factors which requires a detailed understanding of the different types available. In this article, we answer the question, “What is corrugated packaging” while highlighting the benefits of it.

What is Corrugated Packaging? Types & Benefits

Corrugated packaging is a type of packaging material consisting of a fluted sheet medium between a top and bottom flat liner. It is made from renewable resources and can be recycled, making it a preferred choice for manufacturers that wish to align with customer expectations.

Combinations of the various paper weights, sizes, and amounts of fluting in the medium impact the strength and application of the corrugated packaging.

For start, there are several different types of flutes, each with its own unique benefits and applications. York manufactures B, C, and E-flutes to provide the appropriate board for your packaging needs.

  • C-flute features 38 flutes per foot and is considered the go-to board for brown boxes and shippers because of its thickness and strength.

  • B-flute has 47 flutes per foot and works well for graphic packaging and display components since the higher flute count makes the surface better for printing than C.

  • E-flute has 90 flutes with a thinner profile and is even better for direct printing. It is often used for pieces that need a higher graphic quality. Of course, litho-printed sheets can be applied to any of these flutes to achieve the graphic level you desire.

When more strength is required than any one board type provides, various combinations of the flutes can be combined to form double or triple-wall corrugated sheets. The benefits of the various combinations vary and can be engineered to the specific application or need while offering tremendous protection.

What is corrugated packaging? This is what York's finished corrugated sheets looks like in our facility.Source: York Container – Finished Corrugated Sheets for Packaging From Our Facility

It’s good to understand the different types of profiles. This knowledge can help determine the best design for your products not only in terms of costs but also to ensure that the primary purpose of the packaging is achieved.

For example, if the product is perishable (like food), it’s critical that the cold chain is maintained during transportation and warehousing. In this, the composition of the food packaging has an important role to play.

The many different folding options provide a broad range of packaging options to choose from. Whether you’re designing packaging for a new product or looking to improve and optimize the packaging of an existing product, it’s useful to know what options are available.

Does Your Product Need Improved Corrugated Packaging?

There are several reasons why you may consider corrugated packaging for your product. One of the leading reasons is the growing trend to use renewable and recyclable packaging to reduce the environmental footprint of products. By reducing the volume of plastic used and replacing it with corrugated packaging, manufacturers and retailers can start to improve the sustainability of their products.

Tip: York Container can provide our customers with 100% recycled corrugated board to help meet sustainability goals.

The challenge is where to start. How do you determine which packaging components to redesign or materials to consider? A great starting point is to conduct a packaging review. This involves taking a careful look at the product and its packaging. The existing packaging can be tested for durability and functionality and in doing this, areas for improvement can be identified.

Learn what questions to ask a corrugated container company in this article!

Once this has been completed, you can then consider the different types of corrugated packaging as an alternative. Knowing the different types and designs will help you to identify which corrugated packaging benefits are best suited to your product.

Working with a corrugated packaging partner, like York Container, can help you succeed in this process. They can draw on broader industry knowledge and experience to help you create the best packaging for your product.

What is Corrugated Packaging: Answered

It’s true that the many different types and combinations of corrugated packaging available can seem overwhelming. A shortcut to success is to leverage existing packaging expertise. Considering the importance of brown box packaging, graphic retail packaging and even displays, and how competitive the retail landscape is, it’s valuable to have inside knowledge of what consumers prefer. More importantly, this knowledge translates into how packaging can help your product stand out among your competitors.

York Container has been serving manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers for more than 70 years. This experience translates into a depth of understanding of what packaging works best for different types of products.

Partnering with York Container will provide you with guidance through a packaging review, design, and testing. It’s a collaborative process that takes into consideration your product and packaging priorities while seeking to optimize supply chain efficiency and costs.

Let York Container help you achieve the best packaging for your product by leveraging our corrugated packaging services.