Brown Box

Optimized Brown Boxes for Strength, Efficiency, and Savings.

Brown Box

Brown boxes may look simple, but there’s a lot more to a corrugated packaging box than meets the eye.

We consider your unique automated line requirements and use our expertise to create a solution that provides you improved fill rates and reduced down time. We also optimize material usage to maximize strength and reduce cost for the best possible product.

Integrated Corrugated Production

With on-site corrugated production, we are able to optimize liner combinations to maximize quality and strength.

Automated Line Expertise

Our design and engineering staffs have experience with a broad variety of automatic case packers manufactured by ADCO, Combi, Douglas, Eagle, Fallas, Moen, OK International, Pearson, Schubert and Wayne Automation, among others.

Glue Detection Systems

With state of the art glue detections systems, we monitor the adhesive volume and placement to guarantee consistent performance of our cartons

Case Erecting Requirements

Eliminate machine jam-ups from cases not performing to your line’s opening force. Our test equipment mimics force requirements experienced on individual fill lines, and we manufacture to those specific force requirements.

Features at a Glance


Flatbed Die Cutting for Precision Applications

Eliminate piece-to-piece variation with our multiple flatbed die cutting lines, tailored for absolute precision. Trusted by industries like pet care, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and confectionery. Special expertise in manufacturing small, high-performance boxes that run flawlessly on your lines.



York is committed to ensuring that you are never without the boxes that you need. Through production planning and careful inventory management, you’ll never suffer downtime because of lack of containers.


Company Owned & Operated Transportation Fleet

With 14 tractors and 140 trailers, York Container ensures reliable, timely deliveries. Our in-house fleet adapts to your specific needs, offering unparalleled flexibility from factory floor to doorstep.

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