If you manage warehouse operations, you know that there is a place for everything. However, manufacturers and distributors face ongoing warehouse management challenges due to the need for increased supply chain resilience and evolving consumer demands. You may find it difficult to keep inventory levels optimal, deal with resource and space limitations, and struggle with the high cost of package ownership.

“Building a robust supply chain is a long-term process, whether through adapting inventory [and storage] policy and adopting new technologies or fundamentally retooling sourcing via supplier choice.”

- Chris Rogers, Head of Supply Chain Research at S&P Global Market Intelligence

However, there’s no doubt in the warehousing industry that more flexible storage solutions are needed. As businesses continue to grow alongside the call for sustainable packaging solutions, the global packaging industry is projected to reach over $1 trillion in 2024. So, what packaging solutions will rise to meet the challenges you face?

The answer is corrugated materials. This packaging type is a durable, sustainable, and cost-effective storage solution. Let’s discuss how they can serve your manufacturing storage needs for years to come.

A Durable and Cost-Effective Storage Solution

A durable and portable storage solution is in your best interest. A lack of durability typically equates to an increase in damaged products and lost profits. A corrugated box reduces the risk of damage to products in transport and saves you potential profits. They’re typically made of single wall corrugated board (three layered, with a wavy inner layer called fluting between two outer layers of smooth liner). Additional protection can be provided by double and triple wall board which utilizes a second or third fluting layer with smooth liner between each.

Corrugated box pile from York Container's facility. Featuring folded glued boxes for case erectors.
Source: York Container. Featuring folded glued boxes for case erectors.

Corrugated boxes, manufactured from high-quality raw materials, can protect products of varying weights from damage and better absorb impact than other packing materials.

Although corrugated boxes are engineered to be high-quality packaging solutions, they’re cost-effective. They don’t take high-cost materials or costly labor to create, and because they’re lightweight and space-efficient, many manufacturers and distributors can cut down on shipping costs.

Manufacturers and distributors also find that using corrugated boxes supports cost-efficiency in package ownership costs. You can consider the obvious costs of packaging, like design and custom packaging manufacturing, and hidden costs, like storing unused inventory and product damage. Corrugated boxes can help reduce your total cost of packaging ownership by reducing obvious and hidden costs.

A Corrugated Box is Customizable to Your Brand and Product

One major way corrugated packaging helps cut costs is by making it more budget-friendly to produce retail-ready packaging. Most consumers make frequent contact with brands through packaging – so it’s important that your storage solutions make your business pop.

When working with a corrugated container company that understands your specific retail packaging preferences, a corrugated box solution can help you save on cost while maintaining quality. Having someone with design expertise and in-depth knowledge of your market in your corner can help create an end product that aligns with your brand.

Beyond being readily customizable, a corrugated box is a versatile option for any brand looking to adapt its storage. They can be easily tailored to meet specific product needs, including size, shape, product weight, and sustainability requirements.

On the other hand, you might focus on creating a more sustainable design to meet the consumer demand for sustainably packaged goods. No matter your current priorities, you can create an innovative, one-of-a-kind solution that solves your most pressing needs.

As new logistical needs arise, a corrugated box design can easily be modified for your specific product. For example, if you sell beverages that are prone to getting dents in transport, the box design can be improved to create a thicker wall with custom corrugated inserts to protect your product.

The end goal of corrugated materials is simple: to make your logistical life easier without giving up quality, from design to shipment and warehouse management.

They Are Designed to Make Warehouse Management Easy

Warehouse managers know that daily operations can quickly become complicated when any part of the packaging process is compromised. This includes secure packing and storage of inventory, safe transporting of products, and efficient packaging of products.

Corrugated boxes make it easier to store products cost-effectively and safely. Their build protects products from potential damage and is lightweight, so storage and shipment are a breeze. Whether you’re facing a quick turnaround time or fulfillment challenges, corrugated boxes can spare you from worrying about product damage.

You can also streamline inventory management. The use of corrugated boxes allows you to integrate indexing or another labeling system, like barcodes, into your operations. This lets you track current inventory levels, which helps prevent overstocking or stockouts.

Now Your Business Can Enjoy the Benefits of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated packaging products are a popular storage solution for manufacturers and distributors everywhere. They’re durable, built to prevent product damage, easily customized to your brand’s marketing needs, and streamline your packaging operations.

If you’re ready to improve your packaging supply chain and set your business up for success with packaging solutions designed for optimal performance, rely on York Container Company to provide brown box packaging made from the best raw materials and innovative designs from industry professionals.

Learn more about York Container Company’s corrugated packaging services and how they can help your business thrive.