York Container Company | Packaging Audits

Matching packaging performance requirements to our "Above Average" corrugated board strength

Why pay for something you don't really need?

Yet, that’s exactly what many companies do when they purchase corrugated packaging based upon “traditional” specification development methods and “standard” board grades. We realize that not every corrugated sheet is the same! Significant capital investments in our state-of-the-art corrugator coupled with utilization of the latest high-performing papers is paying huge dividends for our customers.

What to expect when you schedule an on-site packaging audit:

Our team will obtain a comprehensive understanding of your current packaging usage and handling, including:

  • Product weight/case
  • Storage time and conditions
    • Temperature
    • Time
    • Humidity
  • Palletization details
    • Layout
    • Layers/unit
    • Pallet overhang
    • Units high
  • Head space in container
  • Shipping information
    • Time
    • Distance

We will gather samples of your existing packaging in order to verify current paper combinations. Then, armed with all of the facts, we will recommend the optimal paper combinations to meet your needs – nothing more, nothing less. Many of our large CPG customers are marveling at the huge savings this process has yielded!