York Container Company | Sustainability


Responsibly satisfying today’s needs with tomorrow in mind… York Container is committed to Sustainability in all spheres of our influence: Environmental, Economic and Social

Environmental Sustainability


The Nature of corrugated

The corrugated industry is inherently environmentally friendly; corrugated is RENEWABLE, REUSABLE and RECYCLABLE.


Credible Sourcing

We purchase all of our primary raw material, linerboard, from certified/credible sources. This commitment to responsible sourcing of our paper is evidenced by our SFI CERTIFIED SOURCING LABEL REQUIREMENT conformance.


Our Carbon Footprint

Ongoing internal efforts, in conjunction with a concerted partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund, has yielded a 12.9% decrease in our CO2 output since the spring of 2012.

Economic Sustainability


Packaging Audits

Our focus on cost-saving realignment of materials to match actual performance requirements yields huge benefits due to our state-of-the-art corrugating capabilities coupled with utilization of the latest in high-performing papers.


Tandem Feed Gluer

This machine has opened the door for our creative design team to develop cost and labor saving packaging because of its ability to strategically glue strength exactly where it is needed while not wasting material in the remaining areas. These stronger packages use, on average, 30% less fiber and their clever characteristics often save significant labor in hand packing operations.


Sustainable Packaging

Responsible design is a top priority for our creative team as we develop new packaging, but we often encounter “legacy package designs” our customers have been using for decades. In these situations, our team specializes in the cost saving redesign of overly complex packages, yielding superior solutions for our customers.

Social Sustainability

World's Biggest Box

Employee Wellness

Our comittment to our employees is demonstrated by our generous health insurance plan, minimal office co-pays, company funded preventative medical costs and discounted gym memberships.


Team Development

Career and personal development is fostered through managerial and life skills educational offerings.


The Future

An attractive retirement plan with significant employer contribution points to a secure future for our valued employees.