York Container Company | Brown Box Capabilities
Brown Box Capabilities

Our expertise + your unique automated line requirements = improved fill rates + reduced down time.

Here's how we do it...

Automated Line Expertise

Automated Line Expertise

Our design and engineering staffs have experience with a broad variety of automatic case packers manufactured by ADCO, Combi, Douglas, Eagle, Fallas, Moen, OK International, Pearson, Schubert and Wayne Automation, among others.

Glue Detection

Glue Detection

No more worries about unglued shippers or shippers being glued together – All of our gluers are equipped with glue detection systems.

Opening Force

Case Erecting Requirements

No more worries about machine jam-ups from cases not performing to your line’s opening force – We have developed test equipment to mimic force requirements experienced on individual fill lines, and manufacture to those specific force requirements.

FlatBed Die Cutter

Flat-Bed Die Cutting for Precision Applications

No more frustrations with piece-to-piece variation of critical die cuts. With multiple flat-bed die cutting lines, we cater to the needs of customers whose lines require absolute precision. Our customers in the pet, pharmaceutical, personal care and confectionery industries trust us to deliver consistent product that runs flawlessly. Often, the cases requiring this level of precision are small in size; we have honed our skills to efficiently and consistently manufacture small BOXES THAT PERFORM!

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Your batch is mixed, the line is ready to go, but where are your boxes? This is a scenario that just CANNOT happen. At York Container, we understand that. That’s why we are committed to inventory management for critical lines. We will stay ahead of your production so that, even when you have a scheduling oversight, we can come to your rescue and get your critical packaging to your line so you don’t skip a beat!

Truck Fleet

Company Owned and Operated Transportation Fleet

With 14 tractors and 76 trailers, York Container is poised to respond to our customers’ dynamic delivery needs. In 2014, our fleet traveled 626,683 miles, delivering a total of 21,899 custom orders to our customers within the Mid-Atlantic region.